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Short Bio:


Collin Clowes is a 23 year old Canadian Singer/Songwriter from Thunder Bay, ON. His music is simple and straight to the point, consisiting on a haunting/mysterious vibe & sound. He explains his genre as being a blend between folk & pop. At the age of 17 he had become extremely ill.  While nervously waiting, he was told that his liver was failing but no one knew why. He then had to spend a significant amount of time in the hospital in both Thunder Bay & Toronto, but no one could determine the cause of his illness. Collin went on for four more years of living with this pain, but he made the most out of it and started performing live around Thunder Bay. He quickly made his mark on the music scene in his hometown but the sickness eventually took its toll.


As the illness progressed, each day became more difficult. The day came where he had to be rushed to the hospital in Toronto due his liver beginning to fail. He was lucky though because his sister was a match & was willing to donate part of her liver. This saved Collin as the illness was beginning to shut his body down. 

 Shortly after returning home, he chose to study songwriting and performance in Toronto. This was also a difficult journey as he was still in recovery and he had not fully processed his experience. With that said, he graduated in 2017. 

While living in Toronto, he recorded a handful of his originals & came out with the album called “Blackbird” which has done well with songs like “The T-shirt Song”, “Fades” & “Better” standing out the most. Now he is producing & recording his music in his own studio. Look out for his latest release "oh mother".  


Press Quotes:

"Lyrically, Collin’s songs are often bittersweet with vivid imagery creating a wide range of vibes and emotion. Armed with only his guitar and vocals, Collin’s live performances are high energy and take the audience on a rollercoaster ride through some of his life experience."

Jimmy Wiggins, Chronicle Journal Newspaper

"Breaking into any music scene can be tough, but Collin Clowes has found his stepping stone in Thunder Bay, due to the adoration of his fans. Working towards fulfilling his goals as a musician, he's accomplished a lot in the short amount of time that he's put forth into the public eye."

Craig St. Cyr, The Walleye Magazine  

"Quite simply put, Collin Clowes’ music seems to pull deep emotion up to just below the surface of your skin. His music captures and conveys the all the bittersweet tribulations of living and being in and out of love."

-Rick Jamm - Jamsphere Magazine



- Chosen to participate in a songwriters weekend/challenge in Sudbury hosted by Music Film & Motion (MFM) as well as Socan. 

- Donated half of what was made from the first album "This is where I leave" to Camp Quality. An amazing camp for kids who have had or still have cancer. 

- Certificate from Seneca College for Songwriting & Performance Arts. 

- Helped with the launch of a new Mental Health & Well-being strategy  at the Confederation College to assist struggling students. 

- Recently released a 7 song album called "Blackbird" available everywhere on every streaming platform. 

- Creator of Party for Fort  McMurray, a 2 day music festival that raised money for the victims of the Fort McMurray fires. 


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