Collin Clowes is a 23 year old Canadian Singer/Songwriter from Thunder Bay, ON. His music is simple and straight to the point, consisting on a haunting/mysterious vibe & sound. He explains his genre as being a blend between folk & pop. Collin fell in love with writing as a kid & at the age of 12, he started teaching himself guitar. He quickly became obsessed with writing original songs. 


At the age of 17 he had become extremely ill.  While nervously waiting, he was told that his liver was failing but no one knew why. He then had to spend a significant amount of time in the hospital in both Thunder Bay & Toronto undergoing many tests but no one could determine the cause of his illness. Collin went on for 4 more years of living with this illness, which took a toll physically as well as mentally but he made the most out of it & started performing live around Thunder Bay. He quickly made his mark on the music scene in his hometown but the sickness eventually took its toll.


 As the illness progressed, each day became more difficult. The day came where he had to be rushed to the hospital in Toronto due to his liver beginning to fail. He was lucky though because his sister was a match & was willing to donate part of her liver. This saved Collin as the illness was beginning to shut his body down. Collin explains that this was an extremely difficult thing to go through & he can never find the right way to explain just how intense it really was.  


Shortly after returning home, he chose to study songwriting & performance in Toronto. This was also a difficult journey as he was still in recovery and he had not fully processed his experience with the liver transplant. With that said, Collin did his best & he graduated in 2017 from Seneca College.  


While living in Toronto, he recorded a handful of his originals & came out with the album called “Blackbird” which has done reasonably well with songs like “The T-shirt Song”, “Fades” & “Better” standing out the most. Most of the songs are inspired by his experiences with depression, love & growing up.


To learn more about Collin, you can follow his social media by clicking the icons below or take some time to listen to his newest songs as they show a certain venerability that you may be able to relate too.  

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